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MAPS Online


MAPS Online simplifies the VFW required accounting procedures. By using Bank Account Codes, Transaction Codes, and Vendor Codes, your cash receipts and disbursements are easily posted to the ledger. Any out-of-balance transactions are indicated by a warning before posting. Even Bingo funds are accounted for with transaction codes. When the annual filing of Form 990 is due transactions can be summarized directly from the ledger.


Dues Posting, Rosters, Labels, and Reporting are all handled from within membership. Print rosters or labels by Member Number, Name, Zip Code, Type of Membership, Payment Status, or by your own customizable reporting criteria. Dues Payments are posted to the member record with one simple entry. VFW Post membership roster is included with program.


The reporting function allows for you to print or email detailed reports ready for signature or to save the reports. The Report Formats included are Monthly, which prints the monthly report of receipts and disbursements;

Detailed/Ledger, which prints detailed ledger transactions by date,

bank code, or transaction code; Transaction Summary for the 990; and the Quarterly Post Trustees’ Report of Audit.

Check Writer

The check writer feature allows you to easily print checks and post to the ledger. The banking menu includes a check register and bank reconciliation.


Certified Online security standards

Data protected with automated backups

Access your data from any Internet connection

Unlimited technical support included

Software upgrades included



Check Writer

Check Register

Bank Reconciliation

Post Trustees’ Quarterly Report

Monthly Report

Transaction Summary Report for 990

Membership Rosters, Labels & Reports

Membership Dues Posting


MAPS Online is completely web-based and you never have to worry about operating system compatibility, installation or downloading software.


MAPS Online allows you to log on at home, the VFW Post

or any location with Internet access worldwide.

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